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Welcome to Forever Golden Retrievers & Professional Handling

We offer professional handling services for All Breeds, specializing in Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. 
We also breed Golden Retrievers under the Forever’s prefix, founded by Candy Nee in 1987, now managed separately between Candy Nee and the Hoffmann household. 
Breeding dogs sound mentally and physically and bred with the standard in mind, excelling in conformation, performance, service and therapy work, and all around wonderful family members.

Learn How To Groom Your Golden Retriever

Do you struggle grooming your golden? Do you want to improve your grooming skills? We can help you! 
Visit the link below to go to ALL THINGS DOG COLLEGE, and learn how to best groom your golden with Jenn Hoffmann. This course is a one time purchase that can be watched and reviewed back to at any time!

Golden Retriever with best in show ribbons

What we do.

   Know what to expect when bringing home a Forever Puppy, and how our dogs are raised.

We encourage you to visit our partner sites of Hoffmann Labradors & Decorum Smooth Fox Terriers at the Links Below.

You can also visit many informative sites we have provided here.

Chesterfields Forever Lucky Charm - golden retriever